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emotion Sense api

As an independent studio or developer.
The Emotion Sense™ technology will give you access to more information than any other system on the market:

Pre-treated signals:
– PPG (Heart rate)
– GSR (Skin conductance)
– Body temperature
– Acceleration

With the possibility of adding other peripherals (camera), or video streams of the game, and to make recordings. Our technology will show you interesting moments in video format.

√ Physiological signals (4 sensors)
√ Video recording

User research : studio playtest

Knowing your testers’ emotional reactions will help you improve your games throughout their lifetime.

√ Gaming sessions recordings
√ Replay videos
√ Game improvements


You think emotions are only used during beta tests?
Ankkoro proposes to integrate them into the interaction and that will simply give a new interactive dimension. We demonstrated the possibilities that this technology opens up, during a DEMO Day at Station F Paris and during the E3 2018, with a VR Space’s Horror experience that integrates emotional data into the scenario in a totally new way!

Ankkoro DK 1 will soon be available for sale with its free SDK, which will allow you to create a new generation of games!

a new dimension for Esport


emotions : dedicated Overlay Hud

4 groups of emotions:
Emotion Sense™ will allow you to recognize the nature and the intensity of an emotion, here are the proposed emotions: joy, sadness/boredom, fear/anger, and relaxation level/calmness.

ankkoro for the performance

Ankkoro integrates a real-time performance measurement tool.
A dedicated HUD display will allow you to stream your games in real time, but also to record them and review the highlights that the technology will have detected. This will allow you to work on your weaknesses and improve your performance.



The bracelets are supplied with multiple charging stations that simply recharge your DK1 bracelet
The bracelet consists of two parts, a capsule and a flexible bracelet with integrated sensors. A bracelet has a battery life of approximately one day.
The development kit is free and open to all from Q4 2018.
In addition to video games, once on the market, Ankkoro could revolutionize streaming, eSports, arcade games and virtual reality.
Availability and prices to come.

Ankkoro complies with current data regulations (GRPD).


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